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Hi. こんにちは. Chào. 안녕. 嗨. สวัสดี

Meet AZN Flush.

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Get the Cards.

Fan motif

Let’s Play. 遊ぼう. Hãy chơi. 놀자. 让我们玩. มาเล่นกัน

Play AZN Flush.

Shuffle the deck.

Shuffle the deck.

Get your drink of choice.
Get your drink of choice.

Get your Soju.
(Or preferred drink)

Take turns completing the deck.

Take turns completing the deck.

Fan motif Fan motif
AZN Flush cards
Fan motif Fan motif

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need the original to play the Fire Chicken or Asian Parent Approved packs?

    Nope! Every pack is fully playable on its own.

  • How do I play AZN FLUSH?

    Click here to read.

  • Who made AZN FLUSH?

    Shameless plug. @wheresjohngone

  • Is AZN FLUSH safe for parents?

    The Asian Parent Approved Pack definitely is!

  • How did AZN FLUSH come to be?

    After a few too many bottles of Soju.

  • Am I guaranteed to laugh my ass off?

    Move aside Cards Against Humanity.

    The days of awkwardly guessing what's funny are over (your friends just have a bad sense of humor.)

    No more throwaway cards either.

    This game is jam packed with the finest luxury, hand-made, cage-free memes guaranteed to get you laughing your ass off.

  • Is there going to be a test on this next week?


  • Customer service email?

    Send us an email at mom@aznflush.com

    (yes it's actually my mom)