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Let's Play

1. Shuffle the cards, a lot! 

2. Decide if you're drinking with alcohol, serve yourselves desired drinks (not included in purchase).

3. Decide who starts in any way you like. Then, go around (clockwise, counter, whatever) and take turns picking up cards. This continues until the cards finish. 

First, read the card to yourself. Below are examples of cards and how you should play them.

The cards

Cards that begin with "If" were intended to be read out loud to the group by the person who picks it up. They apply to everyone playing. If the statement is true for you, start drinking!

Categories cards are played like most categories cards. The card tells you what the category is and you start with saying something that falls under that category. Go in turns around the group. Whoever repeats an already said word or can't think of one within 5 seconds or something, has to drink (as many times as the card says). 

If you pick up a Group Trivia card:

1. Read it silently.

2. There is a question for the group. Ask the group the question. You will see the answer at the bottom of the question, so you can't participate.

3. The first person to answer correctly in the group gets the prize (also on the card). 

Some people ask... how do you get an AZN FLUSH? Well, by AZN FLUSH we mean asian flush or asian glow. It's when you get red from drinking too much.

If you pick up a Vote card, read the card out loud to the group. Simple way to get a vote is to call one option #1, the other option #2. On the count of 3 (for no cheating), everyone raises 1 or 2 fingers up to show their vote. The "losers" have the drink.