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frequently asked questions

Do I need the original to play the Fire Chicken or Asian Parent Approved packs?

Nope! Every pack is fully playable on its own.  

How do I play AZN FLUSH?

Click here to read.

Who made AZN FLUSH?

shameless plug. @wheresjohngone

Is AZN FLUSH safe for parents?

The Asian Parent Approved Pack definitely is!

How did AZN FLUSH come to be?

after a few too many bottles of soju.

Am I guaranteed to laugh my ass off?

Move aside Cards Against Humanity.

The days of awkwardly guessing what's funny are over (your friends just have a bad sense of humor.)

No more throwaway cards either.

This game is jam packed with the finest luxury, hand-made, cage-free memes guaranteed to get you laughing your ass off.

Is there going to be a test on this next week?


Customer service email?

send us an email at

(yes it's actually my mom)