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AZN FLUSH - The Card Game

AZN FLUSH has sold out over 4x, so make sure to get your order in while supplies last. 

Each game comes with 110 cards like:

AZN FLUSH Check: "Whoever has the most glorious asian flush gets to pick one person to share their tinder profile with the group. Skip = 4 sips."

Most likely to: "On 3, everyone point at the person most likely to be on an asians-only dating app. Winner takes 4 sips."

You pick two: "Pick two people playing. Everyone votes on who they think got the higher SAT score. Losing team takes 2 sips."

 Categories: "Household items that you've been spanked with. Loser takes 2 sips." "Things Asian parents would never say. Loser takes 4 sips."

You literally can't f*ck it up. it's so easy to play.

Supports 2-20+ players, so now's the perfect time to start making friends.